Two barrel houses at the Jim Beam aging facility in Versailles, Kentucky caught fire Tuesday night, resulting in a loss of 45,000 barrels of "relatively young whiskey." No injuries have been reported. 

"We are thankful that no one was injured in this incident, and we are grateful to the courageous firefighters from multiple jurisdictions who brought the fire under control and prevented it from spreading," the company said in a statement according to NBC affiliate LEX 18. "Initial reports suggest the fire resulted from a lightning strike, and we will work with local authorities to confirm the cause and to remediate the impacts."

8+ hours later, the fire continues to burn at this Jim Beam property in Woodford County. Emergency Management officials tell me they expect it to last for several more

— Alex Valverde (@AlexValverdeTV)July 3, 2019

The presence of wood and alcohol made the blaze more difficult to fight. Forty firefighters from five county fire departments were needed on the scene. 

Officials told LEX 18 that lightening may have caused the fire, though it remains unconfirmed. 

The fire won't affect the availability of Jim Beam across the U.S., Beam Suntory officials told LEX 18.