Opinion: No harm in Jaguars giving Tim Tebow a chance to help at tight end

Gene Frenette
Florida Times-Union

If Tim Tebow wants to pursue helping the Jacksonville Jaguars bolster their painfully thin tight end position, the team and coach Urban Meyer have nothing to lose by granting him the opportunity.

Would another washed-up, 33-year-old NFL quarterback (he turns 34 in August) get that same chance for the Jaguars or any other team? Almost certainly not, but Tebow has earned some cache in this instance because of his work ethic, ultra-competitive nature and longtime connection with Meyer when they won two national championships together at Florida. It’s doubtful Tebow, who was given a tryout last month by the Jaguars, would have picked up the phone to call the Los Angeles Chargers or anybody else to ask for a tight end tryout.

Besides, it’s not like the Jaguars would be giving him a multi-year contract and millions of dollars in guaranteed money just to come to training camp. Meyer is too obsessed with winning to give Tebow a shot if he thought his former quarterback had zero chance to compete.

Tim Tebow is seen by the octagon during UFC 261 at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena on April 24, 2021 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Alex Menendez/Getty Images/TNS)

You certainly can’t blame Tebow, who announced his retirement from baseball in February after four seasons in the New York Mets minor leagues, for wanting to see if he has one more shot at NFL glory. He’s got the rest of his life to be a college football analyst, champion philanthropist or whatever endeavor he chooses to undertake.

There’d be a palpable buzz in the NFL world if Tebow — one of the most beloved sports figures to ever come out of Jacksonville — actually made the Jaguars’ 53-man roster in the regular season. But the odds of any player making an NFL team at a different position after a six-year football exile are incredibly long.

UPDATE:Jaguars sign Tim Tebow to play tight end

It’s hard to fathom Tebow at his age ever becoming a red-zone target for Jaguars’ quarterback Trevor Lawrence, or maybe scoring an NFL touchdown. That’s just a preposterous thought, right?

Then again, Kurt Warner was making $5.50 an hour stocking shelves at a Hy-Vee grocery store in Cedar Falls, and then somehow became a two-time league MVP, a Super Bowl championship quarterback and Hall of Fame member.

Really, the big question about Tebow suiting up for the Jaguars is this: what harm is really done by the team giving him a shot?