LETTER: A reflective 2020 election analysis

Crestview News Bulletin

The election results have renewed my fate in America, you voted in record numbers; what a turnout!

Increased voter turnout is great for American democracy and should provide an advantage for the Democratic Party in future American elections. President-elect Biden’s win was a resounding rejection of Trump and Trumpism and secured a decisive Biden-Harris mandate.

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Biden’s popular vote win was the largest margin of victory in any presidential election, winning by seven million votes. In 2016 Trump lost the popular vote by over three million votes. Biden’s win matched Trump’s Electoral College totals, but, Biden earned larger vote margin victories for all battleground states. Biden also reinstituted the blue wall and turned two states red-to-blue.

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There were no Trump blue-to-red state flips. Biden’s win solidifies an additional asterisk next to the Trump photo forever in the American history books identifying Trump as the “loser” of the 2020 presidential election right adjacent to the first asterisk that states “impeached.”

The Biden-Harris win also secures the first woman, Asian, and woman of-color Vice President-elect accolades for the Democratic Party, supplementing its existing resume with previous accomplishment of electing the first black president. This shows that the Democratic Party is an all-inclusive party that reflects American societal demographics.

This inclusiveness will continue to manifest itself during the on-going “browning” of America providing Democratic Party advantage in future American elections. The Biden-Harris administration will not have an easy go at governing. A divided legislative branch will prove challenging.

The Biden-Harris team gained a substantial boost with the successful Georgia Senate run-off election.

Though Trumpism was rejected during this election, regrettably it was not extinguished.

Sadly for America, Republican Congressional members believe the Trump loyalty pledge overrides any obligation to follow their oath to the Constitution and commitment to country.

Trumpism from its beginning has cloaked itself in the worst moral shortcomings of American society, which were thought to be subdued or at least suppressed. Trumpism sickeningly traffics in bigotry, while supporting conspiracy theories. I hope this is not who we really are.

Embracement of these societal transgressions will only undermine future legitimacy of this democracy, while damaging confidence in American institutions, and jeopardize the prosperity of the greatest nation in the world.

Tim Rincon, Lt Col, USAF, Retired 111 Conquest Ave, Crestview