Kudos to Pat Floyd

Staff Writer
The Star

I wish to commend the following individual for his service. In 2019, after recommendation from local counsel, I hired attorney Patrick Floyd to represent me, reference loss suffered from Hurricane Michael. A townhouse unit I owned on the beach side of Highway 98 (MB), was completely destroyed, slab only remaining. My homeowners insurance maintained the damages were flood caused and refused to pay any claim.

Upon consult with Mr. Floyd, I found him to be diligent and pro active in assessing the claim, scheduling for subsequent documentation of same, providing legal counsel and compiling a packet for litigation,

Subsequently, in June of this year, I received a significant financial disbursement from the Highway Robbers (excuse me, insurance company). The settlement would not have occurred without Mr. Floyd's case management and pressure. Though I could have held out for a larger award, and though monetarily, it was in his interest had I done so, Mr. Floyd never pressured me, only offering sound legal counsel.

I have known many attorney's during my career as a law enforcement officer (retired), and have a jaundiced view of the profession. I found Mr. Floyd to be, ethical, honest and to always have his client's best interest at heart. I would recommend him to anyone requiring competent, professional legal service.

The only area I have found Mr. Floyd to be derelict in, is mullet fishing. Pat, I'm still waiting....


Dennis Stock

Port St. Joe