Former Crestview man cleared of sexual battery charges after girls admit story was fabricated

Tom McLaughlin
Northwest Florida Daily News

CRESTVIEW — The State Attorney's Office has dropped charges of sexual battery that had been filed against a former Crestview man in April based on the statements of two girls under the age of 12.

Court paperwork clearing Jason Eugene Mobley of two counts of sexual battery of a victim under 12 states that the older of the two children had confessed to making up a story about being inappropriately touched because she was angry.

"At depositions, both children stated that the molestation never happened. One victim stated that she was mad at the defendant and made everything up and pressured the younger victim," a document filed last Thursday with the Okaloosa County Clerk of Court said. "The younger victim also stated that the molestation never happened."

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Mobley was arrested April 14 after the girls told authorities that he had entered a room in the middle of the night where both were sleeping in a bunk bed and fondled them.

The report stated that both victims said similar incidents had happened before on multiple occasions. 

According to the paperwork outlining the state's decision not to prosecute, both girls had confessed to a therapist that they had not told the truth about the events of April 14. 

On Nov. 1, Circuit Court Judge Michael Flowers ordered that all "reports, videos, medical records, therapist's notes and any related information" obtained by the therapist be turned over to attorneys on either side of the Mobley case.

The decision to drop the charges based on insufficient evidence to proceed to trial was made public three days later.

"I experienced a miracle last week," Mobley said when asked to comment on the charges being dropped. "I thank all of my family and friends for their words of encouragement and prayers. God is good all of the time."  

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"I am thankful that the justice system worked and found the truth in my case. People say you you are innocent until proven guilty. I can assure you that is not the way I was treated," Mobley said. "This is sad because it is not our place to judge people. I also never read any of the negative comments people write without knowing any facts of the case. People should be more careful in passing judgement before a person has their day in court."

Mobley was employed by the Northwest Florida Daily News and the Crestview News Bulletin for 12 years between 1998 and 2011. 

He served as the regional IT director for the Freedom Communications group for some of those years, and in December 2007 was made interim general manager of the Crestview News Bulletin while continuing to serve as IT director. 

In March 2008, he took over as general manager and held that position until 2011.