DaGeo Art offers custom woodwork, specialty items

Aaron Jacobs | @cnb_ajacobs | ajacobs@crestviewbulletin.com
George and Daisy Lebron pose with George's custom shadow box that he crafted for himself. Their new business, DaGeo Art, is located at 767 N Ferdon Blvd in Crestview. [AARON JACOBS | NEWS BULLETIN]

CRESTVIEW — A Crestview business offering unique custom woodwork creations is celebrating its store opening in Northview Plaza.

DaGeo Art sells custom awards, shadow boxes, plaques and other specialty items. Owner George Lebron tailors much of his work to the military community, but creates specialty woodworked items for everyone.

Lebron began woodworking during a 26-year career in the Air Force. He was able to turn the hobby into a full-time business after retiring from the military.

“As a young man, I liked doing art work. I was always an artist of some kind,” he said. “I was able to fulfill more of my artistic goals because I had more time now, whereas when we were in the military I only did it part-time to satisfy some requests and also satisfy myself with some work I did.”

Lebron has made custom awards for various military units, which are on display in the new store. He gets requests from customers who have seen one of the awards and want him to recreate it for them, but he declines to sell the awards to those outside of the units for which they are intended.

“They’re exclusive to that unit," he said. "This way they always have something unique.”

When Lebron does get a request for an award specific to a military unit, he offers to make something that is similar while preserving the individual character of each award.

The custom aspect of Lebron’s creations is an important part of his process, he said. Each design is uniquely tailored to the customer’s specifications.

“When we say custom, we mean really custom,” he said. “We sit down with the person and they’ll explain everything they’re looking for, and we’ll draw it out completely for them in every detail.”

Lebron said one of the most important things to him is the relationship he builds with his customers. He said it's important to build trust in those relationships.

The name “DaGeo” is a combination of the owners’ names, Daisy and George. Lebron said he put his wife’s name first because of how much she means to the team.

“It came to mind because for one, I wouldn’t be halfway this far if it wasn’t for her, so her name is first on DaGeo,” he said. “She’s the one that got us to the store. She’s the one that got us doing bigger work at the house. I needed her to do all this.”

DaGeo Art is open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at 767 N Ferdon Blvd between Pizza Hut and New World Oriental Market in Northview Plaza.