Antioch Elementary welcomed new staff members in 2021

Special to the News Bulletin / USA TODAY NETWORK

CRESTVIEW — Antioch Elementary School welcomed its newest faculty and staff at the beginning of the 2021 school year.  

Some of Antioch's Elementary School's new staff members are pictured. Back row, from left: Deidra Whitmore, Classroom Assistant; Lisa Kitchen, Classroom Assistant; Fourth Grade Teacher Amanda O’Rourke; First Grade Teacher Nicole Gregory;  Third Grade Teacher Rachel Alter; and Fourth Grade Teacher Tammie Unmisig. Front row, from left; Speech Teacher Gabrielle Sorgnit; Jequita Barnsdale, Classroom Assistant; Fifth Grade Teachers Theodora Miller and Marissa Agrell; Fourth Grade Teacher Kenan Chord; and Third Grade Teacher Sally Pink.

"These dedicated educators are a wonderful addition to our Aviator family, and will help our student to 'Navigate beyond their horizon,'” school officials stated.

Antioch Fifth Grade Teacher Alicia Burke
Antioch Kindergarten Teacher Jennifer Robinson
Antioch Health Tech Amanda Newbern

Staff welcomes

New hires for the year include:

  • Classroom Assistants Deidra Whitmore, Lisa Kitchen and Jequita Barnsdale.
  • Kindergarten Teacher Jennifer Robinson;  First Grade Teacher Nicole Gregory; and Third Grade Teachers Rachel Alter and Sally Pink.
  • Fourth Grade Teachers Amanda O’Rourke, Kenan Chord, and Tammie Unmisig; Fifth Grade Teachers Theodora Miller, Marissa Agrell and Alicia Burke.
  • Speech Teacher Gabrielle Sorgnit; and Assistant Health Tech Amanda Newbern.

"All our teachers and staff are wonderful and very committed to educating our next generation," said Marge Langley, Antioch's media assistant. "I cannot sing their praises enough — they are the 'best of the best.'"