Crestview Copsicle Cruiser makes the rounds

Brian Hughes | Special to the News Bulletin/USA TODAY NETWORK

CRESTVIEW — When it’s a hot summer day in Florida and an ice-cold popsicle would sure hit the spot, who can you call? The police?

Children and families line up for free popsicles as the Crestview Police Department’s “Copsicle Cruiser” pops up in Twin Hills Park recently.
Crestview Police evidence technician Lexus Ivy-Klepper hands out treats from the Copsicle Cruiser during a June 24 stop in a neighborhood.

Actually, the police might just show up unbidden with a selection of popsicles — make that “copsicles” — to choose from.

That’s what happened June 24 when the Crestview Police Department’s “Copsicle Cruiser” made the rounds, popping up unannounced in several locations around town.

Community Services Officer Sam Kimmons holds the Copsicle Cruiser door as evidence technician Lexus Ivy-Klepper distributes popsicles.
Two kids give broad smiles having received free popsicles — make that “copsicles” — from the Crestview Police Department’s Copsicle Cruiser recently.

Under the agency’s community outreach program, the police department’s crime scene vehicle, a former ambulance, was adapted for use as an ice cream truck, staffed by Community Services police officers and support staff, including summer interns.

The unit first rolled last summer during the Police Department’s series of “pop-ups,” which included hotdog roasts and ice cream handouts. All the pop-ups are free, with the food donated by local businesses and individuals.

For several hours, the Copsicle Cruiser popped up at Crestview Housing Authority complexes, Allen Park and the children’s playground and splashpad at Twin Hills Park.

“It was a hot day, so we were pretty popular,” Community Services Officer Chris Andersen said.

A nice, cold “copsicle” pleases even four-legged Crestview residents when the Crestview Police Department’s Copsicle Cruiser shows up.
These children were all smiles when the Crestview Police Department's Copsicle Cruiser visited their neighborhood recently.

To find out when and where the Copsicle Cruiser will show up next, follow the Crestview Police Department’s Facebook page, To donate popsicles for future pop-ups, give the police a call at 850-682-3544.