Project Blue Light honors law enforcement officers in May

Residents encouraged to show support with blue porch lights

Brian Hughes | Special to the News Bulletin/USA TODAY NETWORK

CRESTVIEW — With a simple porch light bulb change during the month of May, residents can show support for their local public safety officers during National Law Enforcement Month.

Project Blue Light is a nationwide recognition of those law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty. It was started in 1988 in Philadelphia when a lady named Dolly Craig honored her late son-in-law, a Philly policeman, by placing a blue light in her window.

Residents are invited to show their support for Crestview public safety officers by changing to a blue porch light during May’s National Law Enforcement Month.

“The Crestview Police Department will honor, revere and remember law enforcement officers, firefighters and other emergency service personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice for their communities, and who continue to serve their communities,” CPD Maj. Brian McCallum said.

He said just by changing their regular porch light bulb to a blue one — or tying a blue ribbon to their mailbox or lamppost — residents can join the community in showing their appreciation for their public safety officers.

“When police officers or firefighters or EMTs drive down a street in Crestview and see those blue porch lights, they’ll know the sacrifices and long hours they put in are appreciated and worth it,” McCallum said.

“When trouble occurs, most of us run away from it,” added Crestview Mayor JB Whitten. “Our public safety officers run toward it. Changing to a blue porch light during the month of May is a simple way to show we care about them.”

Look for blue light bulbs, including long-burning LED lights, in the lighting section of local stores like Crestview Plumbing and Hardware, ACE Hardware, Lowe’s and Walmart.