Northwood Elementary Santa letters, Joseph Ballreich's class

Special to Gannett

The Crestview News Bulletin is publishing Santa letters written by North Okaloosa second-graders through Christmas. 

Dear Santa, I want a watch, figit spinr, seleg fan, hotwhels, pow chol toes, spongbob toes and more toes.  Christopher S.

Dear Santa, I want a Huvrbord, gift card to clar’s and a nuther gift card to kols and a mrmaid tale necles art sets Barbe dream campers Barbe stron pup set, slime, and a book. Love, Ava

I want a elf cose I need cumpune. I want a Baerby greme house. I want all the lol ceres and all the lol dolls. I want 20 hachumlss and a shelf for the hachamlss. I want a rodot and a crismichre a toy for baby. Love, Octavia

Enjoy these letters from North Okaloosa second-graders.

Dear Santa I want a bick and a Huvrb and a phon and bring and a Dres and sus and a fubol and Squsing and a tablit and caneing a laping and a cant dan lit and rings and socks and a teve for my mom and fur the livingroom. Aria W.

I want a gocart for Christmas because I think it is gunu be a awsum present. I think everyone shood have gocart for Christmas and a iphon 11 and a tadlit. Rylee M.

Dear Santa, I want a hoverboard and a phone and blinger and monopoly junior unicorn edition and I want a present pet and a Furreal friend snow dragon and a football and a ipad an little live pets gotta go flamingo. Love, Savannah

Dear Santa, I want a ifon11 and a hozbrd. Landon E.

Dear Santa, I wunt a real Christmas elf and I want a real hous for me only and a camo drone and a huverbord and a alerecric bike and a alerechric scooder and a target credit card. Nolan C.

Dear Santa, I want a ifon11 and a huvrbord and 2 BFF necklsi. Kristina A.

Dear Santa, I want a tablit and a blalts fon 12, shoas, huvdow black, football rube, bady yoda toye. Steven E.

Dear Santa, I want a white fox tail and a white fox ears and a alucorn starbriere horse and a uncorn bokogon and rainbow pants. Lomg sleav and long sleav shert and a snowflake plush toy and a santa plush toy and a baby husky toy and a rainbow bow. McKenna M.

Dear Santa, can I please have a phone and can I please have a cat. And a big fuzzy cat. And…also I whant some soft PJ’s and soft close. And the new lol house.and I also want some new jackets fuzzy one to. And I want scrunches. Paisley H.

Dear Santa, I want a phone and a hoverbord and a toy dinosor and a to dragan and a baby yoda. Xander H.

Dear Santa, I want a hoverboard and a costume. Lucas G.

Dear Santa, I want a hover board, a phone, and an animal to feed and fly. Payton P.

Dear Santa, I want a hovr bord ples and can I have a conpyutr. Love, Noah

Dear Santa, I want a PS5 and a PC. Love, Ja’marie

Dear Santa, Thank you for everything. You make the most wonderful things in the world. I love all your wonderful eleves for making the gifts. Yur so wonderful and talented I wish I was you. So thank you. Love, A’mylah