Northwood Elementary Santa letters, Dan Hillard's class

Special to Gannett

The Crestview News Bulletin is publishing Santa letters written by North Okaloosa second-graders through Christmas. 

Dear Santa, I wot a rcjruc in jralr and the jelly mrjidis.  Your friend, Skyler

Dear Santa, I have bin goo in school.  I am trying to brening my grades up and I want a phone and a psFive.  My friend is Skyler Bentley tyler tucker Konner gavin Santa and my Name is Jah-Zion.

Dear Santa, I bine goodish and some times bad to my sister some time’s I be good to my mom and dad.  Your friend, Davina

Enjoy these letters from North Okaloosa second-graders.

Dear Santa,  I wish I colod come to your facktry I wish you colde come here I been good a little I want a pet terdel im going to make the best tree ever and cookie.  Your friend Kendrick

Dear Santa  I bin good I want a fHoh. I want looooov buks on fortnit.  My friend is Santa Vaylen 

Dear Santa now I havint ben the best cik but fanfrey I got a one hundred on my test so mabe my grads wall come up so I wod like a xbox 360 and a for weir that runs on gas. from Bentley

Dear Santa, I Band good disns wik in othe Heoon.  IBC Hini to B gud a sont I wot is a LOL in a Dog.  You friend, Danielle

Dear Santa, this year I think I am good  Im trying my best at school this year I really want a “minecrath beck bean mo2 and more roblox buxpls.  Your friend Angelique

Dear Santa, I binge good for my mom and my hords at skool I rellie want a babay set kit a OMG doll.  Your friend Zanyla

Dear Santa lolBiCSPiS  Your friend, Makenna

Dear Santa, I have been really nice an good this year.  I really want a new bike and a really big drawing book.  Your friend, Somaya

Dear Santa,  I Ben good I wati A LPS toy for cremus and A Litu BuokWAg  Your Friend, Olivia

Dear Santa, I have ben the bast for my parents this year.  I have asowe ben getting good grades.  Your friend Amahia

Dear Santa,  I hav be kidy good too day I be good.  Your friend Tyler

Dear Santa  I wot a tot 22hol cad clde Hiaot woors your friend Gavin

Dear Santa, I have bin good at the house.  I want a tablit and a Xbox one s.  I have bin chrin to make good grads  My friend is Tucker.  Konner

Dear Santa,  I have ben kinde good  My grads are getting bdre  I whant a iPhone and iPad  Your friend Braedyn