Temple Fitness celebrates 10 years of business

Ashleigh Wilde
Crestview News Bulletin

CRESTVIEW — Temple Fitness gym owners Cory and Asia Schroeder are excited to celebrate 10 years in the fitness business on Saturday.

“I think most guys in the gym have the mentality of ’One day I want to own a gym,’” Cory said. “So it was always a goal.”

The couple first became gym owners after buying a 3,000 square foot building on Main Street that housed Hard Core Fitness.

After buying the building and the equipment, the Schroeders opened the doors to Temple Fitness, named after the saying “Your body is temple.” The couple hasn’t looked back since.

“You don’t want to think about failure,” Cory said. “In the back of your mind, you worry about it but you worry about it in a way that it motivates you not to fail.”

Ten years later, Temple Fitness is preparing to move into a new building for the third time. Cory said he hopes to have the gym open in the 12,000 square foot building, which was previously Sears Outlet, by the end of February.

“It’s hard to have a nice gym in a smaller building because you can only fit so much comfortably, which also limits how many people you can have,” Cory said. “Having more space to give us more room to do more, I’m very excited about that.”

Cory credits a lot of the gym’s success to his wife Asia. According to Cory, the gym has never had any employees but is mainly ran by his wife while he works at his other job.

Asia said she loves working in fitness because she enjoys seeing the effect a healthy lifestyle can have on people.

“I fell in love with the lifestyle,” Asia said. “It’s really cool to see people coming in and changing and transforming their lives by finding something that they enjoy.”

The couple has many memories over the last 10 years, but one of their favorite memories is growing with their members.

According to Cory, being able to purchase a bigger gym building for his members is one of the ways he is able to give back to them for all of their support over the years.

“It’s not an easy business to grow in,” Cory said. “To be in a position where we started from basically nothing and every dollar counted to get the gym going to get to the point where we can do more and give back more has been one of the coolest things about this.”