Phillip Hoffman of Pace believes we need to press the reset button on America ... while we can.

Suddenly the coronavirus pandemic, in combination with years of accelerating political dysfunction in Washington, D.C., wars that never end, military costs that prohibit infrastructure updating, health care and educational systems which put profits before health or learning, and a justice system that no longer works for us all, has steadily eroded our faith in America's purpose.

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We know that the tie between climate change and pollution is real. We know too that Big Pharma, the fossil fuel industry and giant chemical companies like Monsanto are in the business of making money and whatever harm their products or operations do to our lives just doesn't matter.

We fully understand that real America has no other purpose except to fatten the bank accounts of those who oppress us all for profit.

We know that terrible racism has been with us for 401 years and that the brutal murder of George Floyd was the final straw.

We insist on having a government which represents our interests first and is as basically honorable and good-spirited as we-the-people have always been.

To solve all these problems we have no other choice but to get rid of today's abominable America and start over.

So bet it.

Phillip Hoffman, Pace