Just a quick reaction to the “Our View” (“Allowing ’open carry’ of guns a bad idea,” Sunday, Oct. 20) edition.

“Sabatini’s idea isn’t new.” Correct. It goes back to the founding of this country and beyond.

“But the penalty for breaking that law would be reduced from a third-degree felony to a second-degree misdemeanor.” Correct. The actual carry would be a misdemeanor. A person still would face criminal charges for any illegal use of the firearm separately. Punishingly appropriate behavior at a more reasonable level.

“... allowing those under 21 to legally purchase weapons again.” Correct. They are legal adults and should have their rights endowed by their Creator recognized. I could list all the adult choices an 18 YOA is able to make, legal or otherwise, but there’s not enough room.

“Carrying guns isn’t a freedom like voting or free speech.” Actually, it’s a right that shall not be infringed exactly like freedom of speech or press in origin, endowment, and right.

“... society by definition sets parameters for the larger good.” Your unalienable right does not originate from society or is set based on the larger good. It is individual, personal, and sacred.

“... there is no freedom: for liberty is, to be free from restraint and violence from others...” John Locke, whom you clip the quote above from that I added the continuation, also said the following which is why no person should ask your permission to exercise his or her right.

“Thus a thief, whom I cannot harm but by appeal to the [civil] law for having stolen all that I am worth, I may kill when he sets on me to rob me but of my horse or coat; because the law, which was made for my preservation, where it cannot interpose to secure my life from present force, which, if lost, is capable of no reparation, permits me my own defense and the right of war, a liberty to kill the aggressor, because the aggressor allows not time to appeal to our common judge, nor the decision of the law, for remedy in a case where the mischief may be irreparable.”

Sean Dorsey, Laurel Hill