While we all feel badly about these immigrant children it is not Congress’s job, nor ICE’s job, nor border patrol’s job, to babysit children. The parents put these children in this position, and it is their responsibility to take care of their own. We do not pay taxes for the financial problems that the illegal immigrants bring with them. Sicknesses requiring medication, food, diapers, day and night caregivers, a roof over their heads – it has gotten insane.

I have watched on the news seeing illegals jumping into the swollen Rio Grand River knowing that our border patrol will rescue them and not bring them back to the Mexican shore but bring them into our country instead.

We need the border patrol and ICE to do their jobs; our country needs that.

While I understand your compassion, I am sure you know that the United States has already gone beyond being helpful to these youngsters. Honestly, they should go home to their country of origin with their parents and start the legal process of coming into the United States.

Donna Filpi, Shalimar