I have been a resident of Okaloosa County for 19 years now. I moved to the Crestview area in 2013. And now reside in the Lake Silver subdivision were their once was a beautiful lake for families to enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, water skiing and picnics. 

In 1995, when hurricane Opal hit, the Lake Silver dam was damaged. But the residences of Lake Silver subdivision and the surrounding area of North Crestview got FEMA to give $5 million to rebuild Lake Silver. In 2004, the county had to give back the money that FEMA gave to the county because they took too long to do the rebuild of Lake Silver. There was never an investigation as to what happened to the $5 million that was to be used for the rebuild of Lake Silver. The county said there were no wrongdoing on their part and that it was FEMA that was at fault by having to give back the grant. 

Now 24, years later, the residents of the subdivision, as well as area residences of North Crestview, would like to know just when the Lake Silver project will get started? There have been a lot of promises made to the area residents and to the Lake Silver subdivision but no follow through. 

I have written letters to the Board of County Commissioners, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Rep. Matt Gaetz, and The Northwest District Environmental Protection. Six months have passed, and not one word as to what is going to happen to this beautiful piece of property that has gotten so damaged by erosion and unkept grounds for 24 years. The County should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen. 

Heidi M. de Aranzeta Carpenter, Crestview