How could we have been wrong for such a long period of time? For 2,000 (going back over 6,000) years scientific consensus believed that there were only two sexes and a single sexual lifestyle designated for each of them.

The current behavioral prophets of the ministry of Sodom and Gomorrah have discovered Dead Hollywood Scrolls revealing interchangeable sexes and a smorgasbord of lifestyles. The prophets pop up everywhere in social media preaching about the latest LGBTQQIP2SAA scripture with promises of potentially more! In related news a new disease has been discovered called Toxic Masculinity which infects and destroys entire harmonious Hollywood lifestyle communities!

As I write this I fear my inner being has succumbed to a fatal strain of TM and is experiencing a feminine scripture L metamorphous, a revelation to be celebrated by followers of the Hollywood prophets but a tragedy for the rest of us. Perhaps I will find a cure in the Good Book. Pray for me.

Bill Thome, Crestview