Re: Letter, Nov. 26, “Stillwell needs a sidewalk”

The author is absolutely right! Pedestrian traffic along Stillwell Boulevard in Crestview is in danger – grave danger! I frequently see people walking along the edge of Stillwell, some with small children and strollers and at night. Ms. Sarah Reese can be seen along Stillwell, riding the new trike Crestview Police acquired for her recently. (Nobody doesn’t like Sarah Reese.) I understand Stillwell Boulevard is a county road and sidewalks are planned a few years out. Please don’t wait for more innocent people to be harmed or worse! Mr. Fountain, Mr. Boyles, Mr. Goodwin, Ms. Ketchel, Mr. Windes, I implore you to direct county staff to correct this life safety issue promptly.

Paul Lawson, Crestview