Re: Story, Dec. 2, “Possum breaks into liquor store, gets skunky drunk”


It is appalling to me how the Daily News is shamelessly promoting Cash Moore and his seedy establishments by publishing the so-called news of a possum breaking into his store. Please, it’s bad enough that I have to look at his sorry billboard every day and explain to my 10-year-old why it’s legal, but not moral, to promote rape culture in this county. It’s also embarrassing that the tourists who come to our county “for family vacations” have to drive past his nearly naked body on those same billboards (State Road 4). But now, I have to read about him spouting his “wisdom” on the reason the poor, unfortunate possum may or may not have had bourbon in him, too? When did he become a legitimate source of anything?

Gosh, golly! More free advertising? Could it be that our newspaper doesn’t want to offend a paying advertiser? What about the offense that his slogans create for our children? How could anyone think that it is a good thing to use alcohol to lure unwilling women to have sex with ugly men? Now, that’s child abuse! Our young men need to learn to respect what “No” means, not have Moore held up as a role model.

Where’s the outrage against this man? And, I learned in the Daily News that our county has been identified as an area with more excessive drinking problems than any other area in Florida.

Wake up, Okaloosa County! Our beautiful beaches are going to be known as a vacation spot for sleaze, and the only money local businesses will be attracting will be more undesirables. He is not doing ANY of us a favor.

Stop doing favors for him by printing stupid, contrived stories! That’s not journalism. That’s what I scrape off the bottom of my shoes when I muck my horse’s stalls!

Liz Bears, Baker