Re: Article, Nov. 4, “Boyles, Ketchel spar over bypass issue”

The article describes a heated exchange at the Oct. 31 Board of County Commissioners meeting. It included a starting comment attributed to Board Chair Carolyn Ketchel.

According to the article, “She said if the base changes its mission and leaves Okaloosa, the county would not need to build certain roads.”

Does this mean Commissioner Ketchel is already anticipating the shutdown of Eglin as a military base? Is this idle conjecture on her part, or has someone in the know been discussing with her the possibility of Eglin’s closure? In either case, I find that attitude deeply disturbing coming from a county government leader.

Her comment also ignores that other main reason a bypass is needed: hurricane evacuation. Picture a fast-moving Category 5 zeroed in on the Emerald Coast. Without some way to get around the Crestview bottleneck, State Road 85 will be jammed with vehicles full of people unable to even reach the interstate. Not good.

Bob Reid, Niceville