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The only way you are going to keep trained (Crestview Police Department) officers is to do what I proposed 13 years ago when I ran for City Council: establish a bonus program, much like the Army's reenlistment program.

After a young officer completes probation (one or two years), give him or her a $2,000 bonus. Then, every four years give them a $2,500 bonus. Make it an incentive to stay on the force.

Pay raises are fine, but a cash bonus is something an officer can take home and spend on his/her family. Program it into the budget. For a "career" officer with more than 10 years of service, give them a $5,000 bonus every five years after 10 years of service.

I pay over $3,500 in city taxes a year and still can't get an officer to run radar in my residential neighborhood.

We need more officers, and to keep the ones we have.




Great work to the officers with the Florida Department of Corrections!

Most people don't take into account that there were 50 inmates on this transport vehicle, and two or maybe three officers. They are outnumbered every day, all day!

Not to mention each and every one of their passengers are convicted felons!



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