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Traffic relief before Armageddon?

Four-lane PJ (Adams Parkway)/Antioch Road to Highway 90 by 2030. (Yes, that is the timeline). They are talking about a "study" (not an actual exit mind you), that will probably happen around 2040.

So, if the study shows it can actually happen, we'll have another exit basically around the time the sun absorbs Earth. Hopefully we get a Dairy Queen before then also.

Jeffersonii Van Vrancken


We must save Crestview Manor

Absolutely necessary we do all we can to keep this place going. They provide a much needed service to the seniors and disabled that have nowhere else to go. And they do it with care and grace you won't find in any other assisted living facility. (Manor Director) Becky Brice-Nash is a hero in our midst.

Greg Bradt


ESPN had the right to fire Shilling

Curt (Shilling) didn't have his freedom of (speech) taken away, he had his ability to work at ESPN taken away. There is a big difference.

He had the right to say what he said, which he did, and ESPN exercised their right to terminate his employment.

Please don't confuse constitutional rights — which signifies government involvement — with corporate rights. The government did not tell Mr. Shilling he couldn't express his personal beliefs.

Chris Ward

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