Dear Editor,

Yes, Hillary Clinton and President Obama want equal pay for women. It's very nasty to say — because women are given time off with pay from their jobs after a new baby is born and organize at the home, before returning to work — that they do not merit equal pay as men receive. After all, they are caring for the man's kids.

Also, there are many single women, or married with no children that deserve as much pay/salaries as men receive.

And by the way, school teachers, who, on many occasions, have a difficult time with teaching our children, should receive equal pay as men, too. And the summer time isn't their own time either. Teachers are spending hours preparing and sometimes attend classes in preparation of the next school year. If a woman is working just as many hours as a man and getting the job done properly, they deserve equal salaries.

Now about "climate change." There is definitely something happening with our planet's climate. Scientists know this because they have spent years researching, taking deep cores of ice from the Arctic and Antarctic glaciers/ice sheets.

If you just look at maps of our glaciers and compare to only as far as 2002, you can watch how much they are melting, while our politicians deny the oceans are rising.

The upper atmosphere is causing a greenhouse effect and the sun rays are trapped close to our Earth, causing all of our hot weather. The cause of clouding high in our stratosphere is the burning of oil, gas and coal, which in turn exhausts carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. Grazing animals also exhaust carbon dioxide/fumes from their manure.

Politicians must begin to focus; instead of on whether young voters are voting for "free stuff," or that our country is becoming "socialist" or that scientists are wrong, and think about saving this planet.

Other nations are way ahead of us. Germany has solar panels installed on all structures. Denmark is using the giant windmills for electricity and heating.

The United States needs to start manufacturing solar panels, electric cars and rapid transit trains. There are jobs to be gotten with this technology. Recently, 175 nations have agreed to participate to reduce harmful gases/fumes into the sky. What about U.S.?

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