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Before you complain, invest

When will people understand that our city councilmen and employees are not the owners of proposed restaurants and shopping centers?

They approve and collect development orders, building permits, stormwater management plans, impact fees, etc., but they do not "promise" or develop businesses unless they happen to also be an investor or local businessman in that particular establishment.

Anyone who is so confident that Crestview can support an Olive Garden, PF Chang's, Ruth's Chris, or whatever else they feel our humble blue-collar community can support — get your business plan together, solicit your investors, and plunk down the millions in construction costs and franchise fees.

As for box stores like Target, Hobby Lobby, etc. — it would surprise me if there is any corner of this country that they are not aware of and/or actively monitoring when they are explicitly in the business of making money.

Be glad we're getting anything new — if it's not good enough, criticisms of the city government (aren't) going to change it.

JasonandLisa Smith 


No second I-10 exit needed

You need to put another two lanes on Highway 85. You should have made the hospital pay to four-lane Redstone (Avenue). I have not noticed the necessity for another I-10 exit; I've never seen it so congested you can't get on I-10.

Billie Jo Lyons 


Give me my hometown

I would prefer to have my small hometown back. I didn't have any problems traveling to Fort Walton (Beach) or Pensacola to shop or eat out.

With all of this growth, Crestview has developed big-city traffic, crime and drug problems; all of which I would gladly trade for a 20- to 30-minute drive to a neighboring city to shop and eat out.

Especially since it now takes you that long just to get from the north end of Crestview to the south end...

John Hitson 


Will public transportation return?

I would like to be able to go shopping any time I wanted and see the doctor around town without having to use Logisticare (non-emergency medical transportation).

Are they ever going to start another bus?

Thelma K. Ragland

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