What was it that appeared in the skies over north Baker on Friday?

A tornado-like weather feature appeared in Baker Friday afternoon during a passing thunderstorm, and folks on twitter spread the news with photos and video.

Look at this awesome capture, also taken in Baker, FL, of the possible landspout this afternoon! #FLwx
: @EAviews pic.twitter.com/1Zm5mrXnUj

— Jennifer Lambers (@jnlamberswx) June 26, 2020

Me chilling waiting for the tornado to touchdown this afternoon pic.twitter.com/T6urjfMVeS

— Lil Eric (@EAviews) June 26, 2020

Just watched this tornado form in front of my moms house it was awesome pic.twitter.com/h8UkvEWcVW

— Lil Eric (@EAviews) June 26, 2020

Tornado that just made landfall in north Baker @WEARAllenStrum pic.twitter.com/PMFm5nPw2q

— Lil Eric (@EAviews) June 26, 2020

What was it?

According to the National Weather Service Mobile, Alabama office, it was a “landspout,” i.e., a waterspout over land.

We had at least 2 reports of landspouts on Friday afternoon - one near Baker, FL & another near Bratt, FL.

Landspout formation is similar to that of a waterspout. Landspouts are not spawned from supercells & typically don't have a rotating updraft (like our usual tornadoes). https://t.co/fA8IGGEPC0

— NWS Mobile (@NWSMobile) June 27, 2020

The National Weather Service makes a distinction between tornadoes that form in thunderstorm supercells versus those that don’t.

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