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#FloridaMorons is trending on Twitter, April 18 on Saturday morning. The social media criticism comes as restrictions on beach access is loosening across the state.

Below are some of the Tweets.

Wasn't there a movie about a stupid politician who insisted on opening the beaches despite the warnings of people much smarter than him? #FloridaMorons

— Joe Gorbsky (@JoeGorbsky) April 18, 2020

Florida always gonna Florida y'all, no need to get upset about the #FloridaMorons now...

— elizabeth (@bibishoff) April 18, 2020

Stop it Rex, I live Florida #FloridaMorons

— Cris Carter (@criscarter80) April 18, 2020

#FloridaMorons giving the middle finger to our healthcare workers.

— Facts Are Truth (@ExerciseThereof) April 18, 2020

Just so the #FloridaMorons know, when you die you don't just die in your sleep. You can't breathe and your body begins to break down. It's a horrible death. You're alone. You can't have your husband, wife or kids hold your hand. But if a walk on the beach is worth it, you do you

— Michelle (@Bing7789) April 18, 2020

#FloridaMorons Saw this trending and thought we really need to do this to Florida.

— Chrissi Nielsen (@NielsenChrissi) April 18, 2020

#FloridaMorons When you all get sick? DO NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL! The nurses and doctors do not deserve the stupidity that you yourselves are causing!

— Celia Lauer (@CeliaLauer) April 18, 2020

Ladies and gentleman please meet the King of the #FloridaMorons: Mr. Matt Gaetz.

— (((DeanObeidallah))) (@DeanObeidallah) April 18, 2020

#Florida beach is crowded within 30 MINUTES of reopening at 5pm, despite state recording 1,413 new #COVID19 cases - its highest one-day increase since the pandemic crisis began #floridabeaches #FloridaMorons #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayThoughts #StayAtHome

— Evan Kirstel #StayHome #RemoteWork (@evankirstel) April 18, 2020

Because we have the Jaws Mayor #FloridaMorons

— Allison the Disney Diva (@Daviesallison1A) April 18, 2020

— novacabra (@novacabra) April 18, 2020

#FloridaMorons is trending with 'President God'. Coincidence that these 2 things are actually connected? I think not.

Maybe Gaetz will take a trip to the beach with his gasmask.

— D Villella ❄️ (@dvillella) April 18, 2020