District officials said the information about the possible contact came from "the coordinator of an out-of-state event." The Daily News has learned the employee is a reservist with a military unit.

VALPARAISO — The Okaloosa County School District has confirmed that one of its employees "may have possibly been exposed to a person with COVID-19."

The employee, who sources confirmed was an instructor at Lewis School near the Eglin Air Force Base east gate in Valparaiso, has no symptoms and has agreed to self-quarantine for 14 days, according to the district.

District officials said the information about the possible contact came from "the coordinator of an out-of-state event." The Daily News has learned the employee is a military reservist.

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No confirmation was provided by the School District as to which school the employee involved works for and no answers were immediately provided to questions regarding her role as a reservist.

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Upon learning of the possible exposure to coronavirus the School District employee involved contacted a supervisor and the Florida Department of Health was notified, an email from School District spokesman Steve Horton said.

The Department of Health is monitoring the situation, the email said.

"Discussions with the Department of Health and the Department of Education confirmed that a school closing was not warranted," according to the email.

Horton said it would have fallen to the Health Department to determine whether anyone working at or associated with Lewis School should be informed about the employee’s contact with the coronavirus.

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"Notification of individuals who may be determined to have had contact with a confirmed positive case of coronavirus is handled by the Department of Health using their procedures due to the confidentiality of medical records and information," he said in a text.

The Department of Health takes its direction from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It has been determined that people identified as having possible exposure to a case of COVID-19, and who have no symptoms of illness such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath, do not pose a risk to those around them, according to Okaloosa DOH spokeswoman Allison McDaniel.

"CDC does not recommend testing, symptom monitoring or special management for people exposed to asymptomatic people with potential exposures," McDaniel said in an email. "These people are not considered exposed to ... the virus that causes COVID-19."

Greg Butler, the executive director of the Okaloosa County Education Association, said no school union members had contacted him with concerns about possible exposure.

The district also released notification Thursday that, effective immediately, it is postponing all out-of-county and out-of-state field trips and sports trips.

Efforts were underway to contact athletic teams and other student groups scheduled to come to Okaloosa County to notify them of the postponements.

Athletic competitions between Okaloosa county teams and in-county field trips were continuing as scheduled, the release said.