NICEVILLE—The warm atmosphere of Artful Things Niceville welcomes those who walk through the door.

As soft music plays in the background, Share Norville, owner of the art gallery and supply store, says she hopes to inspire local artists from beginner to experienced.

Norville bought Artful Things Niceville in September of 2018 when the previous owners were ready to retire, she said. She was an artist creating pieces for the gallery at the time.

"There was just this perfect opportunity because I was participating in this gallery," she said. "It was a blessing in my life."

Norville’s first love was music, but back in the 80’s there was no money in the industry, she said. So, she went in the medical field on the administrative side. As the years passed, she worked in a variety of different careers.

She said she was always looking for something more creative to do.

Norville’s specialty at the gallery is recycled art. She describes herself as a maker.

"I will take items that are bound originally for the trash, the dumpster and embellish them and make them functional," she said.

She described an instance where she used the foot of a cabinet to create a paper weight.

Recycled art is what she does in her free-time, but lately she has been busy running the gallery.

She is hoping to incorporate some of her own ideas but also wants to build off the projects of the previous owners.

"The to bring more here for young people," she said. "So that’s going to be my big push this year."

Norville said she features local artists in the gallery, and the gallery has artists from as far as Gulf Breeze and almost to Panama City.

"We’re supporting them and not only them but people here can bring local art into their home," Norville said.

Around the storefront, walls are covered with fine art paintings in a variety of mediums. She said there is a "plethora of mediums" at the gallery.

One of the painters, Lori Pagliaro, uses shards of glass to create beautifully designed-artwork. Sitting on a table in the middle of the store are hand-crafted journals made by Sandy Ryland.

The gallery caters to all forms of fine art, Norville said. The gallery also offers custom framing and children’s books by local authors.

Some of the artists also host classes and workshops on different mediums.

"Whatever is going on is my favorite," Norville said.