NICEVILLE—A 52-year-old man was charged with battery on an officer Monday during an incident at an animal clinic in Niceville.

Kenneth Nelson Coleman, while under the influence of alcohol, refused to leave the clinic, according to an arrest report from the Niceville Police Department.

He was visibly upset over the loss of his cat, Buddy, the report said.

When the Niceville police officer arrived, Coleman said, “Hey you want to (expletive) with me?” according to the report.

Coleman shoved the police officer, and according to the report, he also said “I will (expletive) you up.”

After speaking with the officer, Coleman still refused to leave. He also demanded the officer leave.

Coleman was still holding his cat during the incident.

While the officer was escorting Coleman out of the clinic, Coleman swung his hands at the officer making contact with the officer’s back.

The officer handcuffed Coleman. During the arrest, Coleman became unresponsive.

EMS checked on him, and he then spit on the officer’s face. He continued to swear at the officer.

He was transported to the Niceville Police Department.

Coleman was charged with battery on an officer, which is a third degree felony. He is currently at the Okaloosa County Jail awaiting a hearing, and no bond has been set yet.