CRESTVIEW — For crime scene investigator and evidence custodian Jennifer Bellamy, being sworn into office by Mayor JB Whitten was just the latest step in a more than 30-year career in law enforcement, the last three years of which have been at the Crestview Police Department.

On the morning on Nov. 25, with her mom, June Ashley, proudly taking photos, Bellamy raised her right hand and solemnly swore to uphold the U.S. and Florida constitutions as CPD Chief Stephen McCosker and fellow officers looked on.

Already certified as a volunteer reserve police officer by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Bellamy is qualified to carry a sidearm and badge. The recent reclassification of her evidence custodian’s position to that of a sworn police officer required that she be sworn into office.

Bellamy’s hands-on presentations about crime scene investigation to Crestview Citizens Police Academy and CPD Youth Academy attendees are one their most popular sections, with students learning to identify clues, dust for fingerprints, mark evidence and related skills.

Bellamy has also served in other police departments as a patrol officer, investigator and K9 handler. The latter training came in handy two years ago when a Crestview officer brought in a small dog that had been abandoned.

Having always had a soft heart for dogs, she adopted the dog and named him Gizmo. He now reigns as a Crestview Police Department mascot.