Crestview Police Officers Christopher Lewis and Johnathan Sprague received the City of Crestview Life Saving Award for actions that led to saving a teenager who was shot.

CRESTVIEW — Two Crestview Police Officers received the City of Crestview Life Saving Award for their role in saving a teenager’s life after responding to a shooting.

The shooting occurred on Oct. 13 near the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Wilson Street. Deion Hayes, who was 19 at the time, was chasing after a pair of robbery suspects when one of the suspects turned around and shot him.

“My cousin had gotten robbed and I went to see what happened,” Deion said. “Next thing you know, I got popped.”

Officers Christopher Lewis and Johnathan Sprague responded to the call and found Hayes gravely injured.

Sprague and Lewis immediately jumped into action by applying pressure to control the bleeding and keeping Deion calm until EMS arrived on scene.

According to Crestview Police Chief Stephen McCosker, without the actions of the officers, Deion would likely not have survived.

“I think when we get to celebrate those types of moments, it’s some of the proudest in my career,” McCosker said.

Deion was quick to thank the officers for their actions.

“They were brave,” Deion said. “I thank them because my grandma was about to see her oldest grandchild in a grave and I didn’t want her to see that.”

Deion’s grandfather, city councilman Shannon Hayes, showed his appreciation for the officers’ actions during the award ceremony.

“I’d like to personally thank the officers for saving my grandson’s life,” Hayes said. “If they had been a little bit later, I might have been at a funeral instead of going down to the surgery so from the bottom of my heart I thank you sincerely.”