NICEVILLE — Both Angie Dzoba and Paola Rosario couldn’t hold back the tears.

The family, the friends, the teammates and coaches on hand to witness their long-awaited signing day in Niceville High School’s Media Center — the moment was just a bit much.

Dzoba signed with Lee University volleyball in Tennessee. Rosario etched her future with Shorter University golf in Georgia.

Fortunately, no tear drops hit the signing sheets.

“I didn’t see that coming,” Dzoba said of the burst of emotion. “I never cry in front of people or hardly ever, so when it happened I was like, ‘This is definitely happening.’ That was really emotional and I didn’t expect that. I was just going to give a nice, little speech and then that all came out.”

Laughed Rosario, “I kind of expected it but I didn’t. I was kind of shaky with the speech.”

For the 16-10 Eagles who advanced to the District 1-6A championship, Dzoba had a team-high 436 digs.

“She was a pleasure on off the court doing what she needed to be doing and being a great role model,” Niceville coach Karson Hinds said.

For the district champ Eagles, Rosario finished her career with an even-par 72 to cap a two-day 150 that tied for 20th at the 3A state tournament. She also shot a team-best 2-under 70 at regionals and a 77 at districts.

“She’s a big reason why we’ve been so successful and why we’ll be successful for the future,” Niceville coach Mitch Inness said.

Paola Rosario, Shorter University

Why Shorter University?

Honestly, I love Georgia. I was born in Georgia, so being able to go back to where I was born means a lot. It’s just so pretty over there and coach is amazing. He really fought for me and that’s really what stuck out for me. He came all the way here, like a six-hour drive to watch me play in an Emerald Coast tournament, so it was just little things like that. I’m thankful he gave me the opportunity he gave me.

So how does it feel to have this day finally be here?

It was really nerve-wracking. It was a fun season, a fun four years but I’m happy this day is here. I’m so thankful to have the people who support me. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have here.

What do you envision your role being for the Hawks?

I hope to get my game into the 60s, that’d be great. Or Low 70s and just grind and keep my scores as low as possible.

What do you want to major in?

Biochemistry. Hopefully I’ll be in the pharmaceutical side of it, maybe cosmetic. It kind of just depends on how I feel.

Angie Dzoba, Lee University

Why Lee University?

So, I actually was listening to this church podcast and they kept mentioning Lee University. I started looking at colleges and Lee hadn’t crossed my mind, so I looked it up and it had a great nursing program, which is what I’m interested in. And it had a great volleyball program. And I then I told my coach (Ligia Willis), and she was an international athlete from Brazil, and she’s like that “That’s where I went!” All the way from Brazil to Cleveland, Tennessee, I was like “This is straight from the Lord because I would’ve never found it otherwise.” So I visited Lee and I loved it the minute I stepped on campus.

So how does it feel to have this day finally be here?

I’m so excited. I always wanted to play volleyball in college but I never really thought it was possible until I started to do my research and looking into it more. It feels great. I’m so happy it’s finally done and to start this new adventure.

What do you envision your role being for the Flames?

I’d like to continue playing my position as (defensive specialist) or libero, just helping the team out wherever I can and making new friends.

Is there a nursing field you want to specialize in?

I want to be a pediatric nurse practitioner and they have a really good nursing program. That’s what made me feel good about going there.