Fort Walton Beach was named as the 2019 most courageous city in Florida by Insurify.

FORT WALTON BEACH — Fort Walton Beach was named as the 2019 Most Courageous City in Florida by Insurify.

Insurify, a website that allows individuals to compare insurance quotes and purchase plans, gives out the award each year.

According to the website, when applying for coverage individuals must list their occupation and indicate if they or anyone on their policy is an active member or veteran of the Armed Forces.

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The data identifies the city with "highest rates of courageous citizens" by comparing those numbers to the total pool of applicants in each city.

Courageous citizens are defined as those who work high-risk jobs in public safety or in a capacity that’s of "high benefit to society," as well as current or past members of the Armed Forces, the website said.