Diane Popham’s bike was stolen from her Destin condo during a recent visit. After a friend sent a letter to the newspaper, another family decided to make a donation.

DESTIN — Diane Popham was visiting her Destin condo last week when her bike was stolen.

Popham, who lives in Georgia, is disabled due to having polio in one leg. She uses the three-wheeled bike to get around.

After the bike was stolen Popham’s friend, Cheryl Trapnell, wrote a letter to the thief. The letter was published in the Northwest Florida Daily News.

When Destin resident Toni Wurth saw the letter, she came up with a plan to help. Wurth’s husband had a similar bike he no longer uses, so she decided to gift the bike to Popham.

“We have had bikes stolen before and when I read that and I knew we had one, I thought that would be a great thing to do,” Wurth said. “We feel good about it.”

Popham had already headed home when the letter was published, so Wurth’s daughter Laura and grandson Max dropped the bike off with Trapnell.

Along with the bike, the family also donated a helmet, a lock and a pump and repair kit.

“We don’t hear too much about the good people that still exist,” Popham said. “I was overwhelmed by their generosity and I tried to call them and tell them how much I appreciate them doing that for me. I was just humbled by their kindness.”

Popham also said she plans to travel back to Destin in a few weeks to pick up her new bike and take it to her home in Georgia.