From Hulk Hogan to Dorthy and her ruby red slippers, the Destin Fishing Rodeo saw it all on its final day.

With the Rodeo wrapping up on Halloween, it always makes for fun on the docks.

"It’s all about the show ... unless we have big fish," said Capt. Mike Eller of the Lady Em.

Then the big fish take center stage.

On Thursday evening, the Rodeo wrapped up with a little bit of both.

Capt. Jason Hallmark and his crew of fishermen/Mexican wrestlers backed in full garb right down to capes and masks.

But they were not just to show off their costumes, they had a few big fish to weigh a 118.2 pound yellowfin tuna that made the leaderboard for about an hour and a 70-plus pound amberjack that wasn’t quite big enough, but still a show stopper for the crowd starting to gather.

Up next, Capt. Dean Cox and his group aboard the Seahorse came backing in tossing out T-shirts and goodie bags filled with treats. His crew was dressed in scrubs as doctors and nurses.

On the back deck, Cox had a sign hanging bringing awareness to cancer.

The show-stopper of the evening was the crew aboard the Twilight with Capt. Robert Hill.

His crew was totally decked out as characters from "The Wizard of Oz," including Dorthy, the Tin Man, the Courageous Lion, the Scarecrow and even a flying monkey and Glinda the Good Witch.

"We’ve been having fun with it the last couple of years," said Kerry Brewer, who came up with the theme.

Last year, they were all dressed up as vampires.

"Everybody is committed now," Brewer said of the costumes. "So no matter what you come up with ... we’re getting in it.

"They were a bit surprised this year, but they had a good time ... it’s all for fun," she added.

The last crew as always to back in was the Lady Em with Capt. Mike Eller. Over the years they have dressed up as cowboys, vikings, superheroes, patriots and pirates.

This year they were tacky tourists, complete with loud shorts, plaid shirts and socks with sandals.

"We just love the Rodeo ... and the Rodeo is Destin at the core," said John Brashears, who is part of that Lady Em crew.

As always they came tossing beads to the crowd, posed for a photo or two and off they went.

"It’s a fun thing to do ... it gives us a finale to the Rodeo," Brashears said.

Brashears said he’s glad to see some of the other boats getting in on the Halloween fun of dressing up.

"It’s not a competition ... it’s a celebration," he said.

Weighmaster Bruce Cheves wrapped up the Rodeo with the final dinging of the bell and the words, "The watch is over."

Until next year.