Brenda Ladun, ABC 33/40 anchor, shared her experiences with surviving breast cancer Tuesday at an event to honor survivors and give awareness to the cause.

"Cancer is a sneaky, despicable disease, but ... we don’t have to let it beat us," Ladun said.

The Stand Up to Breast Cancer event honored 19 survivors with hundreds of friends, family and community members in attendance.

"I’m humbled by it," said Shelli Brown, one of the survivors and honorees of the night.

The event, which took place at the Henderson Beach Resort and Spa, was created to honor local breast cancer survivors and spread awareness on the disease and early prevention.

Ladun, the guest speaker, started her speech by describing how she fought cancer. She gave the audience the advice of "keep on fighting."

"Cancer is a bully and it needs to be knocked down," Ladun said.

Ladun told the audience her godmother, who is part Cherokee, told her she would teach her "how to go on the warpath."

"Because sometimes you just gotta fight and that’s what it’s all about," Ladun said.

Before a breast cancer surgery, she said she was going into the operating room and the doctor told her she had to take off her watch. It reminded her of the time she was at a prison covering a story and they made her take off the watch.

The watch represents her power, she said. While she was in the prison, she noticed a light shining on the chapel. Inside, she met a prisoner who she said had a hope in his eye that she didn’t notice anywhere else in the prison.

"There is light in the darkness if you look for it," Ladun said.

Ladun also said spreading information can make a difference. She said one of seven women will get breast cancer and early prevention is important.

"(We have) to talk about cancer because talking about cancer will save people’s lives," Ladun said.

She ended her speech by asking everyone in the room to tell 10 people that they love them.

"You’ve got the power," she said.