Your library, by you. That simple phrase means a lot to me. As the Adult Services Librarian at the Crestview Library, I help manage quite a handful of programming here. In my work, I have found one thing to be particularly invaluable for the success of our classes, clubs, and events: the gracious service from our helpers and volunteers.

We currently have more than eight regular classes and clubs run by community leaders. These people have dedicated their time and attention to teaching, growing relationships, and helping their fellow library patrons. I am incredibly grateful for the long-standing dedication and the passion they’ve shown.

Which leads me to my plug: if you have a special talent, know a trade, or have a hobby or interest, consider forming a class or club here.

If you’re interested, email Emily Knie at The librarians here do a lot. But we can reach even further and climb higher because of our community leaders. They build their library; and if you want, you can too!

Emily Knie is the Crestview Public Library's adult services librarian.