God-given rights should apply

Things my nineteen years of age son is able to do: He can live on his own. He can buy a house. He can get married. He can have a child. He can run a day care and care for someone else’s child. He can work a job. He can go to college. He can go to war. He can open a bank account. He can get a loan. He can own a business. He can drive a vehicle. He can buy a car. He can vote. He can run for public office. He can publish a newspaper. He can pastor a church. He can get medical insurance. He can get a major surgery. He is treated as an adult if he commits a crime.

What can’t my nineteen years of age son do?

He can’t purchase a firearm.

Recognize his God-given rights. Recognize his liberty.

This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. It’s an American issue.

Repeal, replace or amend Florida Statute 790.065 and any other statute that unjustly deprives him of his freedom.

Sean Dorsey, Laurel Hill


Clinton didn’t dodge draft

I read Barb Bagby’s letter to the editor, and I guess she did not think it would be fact-checked.

I read the snopes.com article on Bill Clinton. Snopes found her premise of Bill Clinton being the first pardoned federal felon to ever serve as President of the US as FALSE. Yes, that would be FALSE.

He did not dodge the draft. He was excused because he was in college. Then if she had read the whole snopes article, he was reclassified. I guess she only read the part that she agreed with and decided to share the false information, bless her heart.

Bonnie Rincon, Crestview