The leadership classes at Davidson Middle School have partnered with Elie's Voice to collect gently used book, games and DVDs. The drive lasts until October 1 and any donations can be dropped off at the school.

CRESTVIEW — The Davidson Middle School leadership classes have partnered with Elie’s Voice for a book drive benefiting Children in Crisis.

“We’re looking for anything families can get together and do to have some fun family time,” Davidson Middle School leadership teacher Rebecca Joseph said.

The classes are collecting gently used books for children ages 5-18, board games, card games and family DVDs. The games do not have to be new and any donated DVDs should not exceed the PG-13 rating, according to Joseph.

While the classes have just started the drive this week, they already have a lot of books, but Joseph is hoping to see some games donated soon.

The leadership students will be going through each of the games to make sure all of the necessary pieces are included. They will also be organizing the books by determining what grade level could read each one.

“I want my students to understand the importance of community service,” Joseph said. “I also want them to understand that sometimes when families are struggling or are in need, they don’t have money to purchase things like this. They’re just trying to provide the necessities for their family like food, clothing and shelter.”

The drive will go until October 1. Anyone who would like to donate items may drop them off in the Davidson Middle School front office between 6:45 a.m. and 2:15 p.m.