CRESTVIEW — Tiquisha Hunt couldn’t hold back her emotions on Thursday afternoon after receiving the keys to her new home.

“I didn't do this for me, I did it for them,” Hunt said of her four children as she fought back tears.

Hunt, a single mother, said it was hard providing for her children, three of which still live with her, until she sought help from Habitat for Humanity.

“It was the right time at the right moment of my life,” Hunt said. “This last bout with section eight housing, we lived in a two bedroom which means I shared a room with my daughter and my sons shared a room as well. As they grow up, they need more space to breathe, to be themselves and to grow into the people they’re going to be. We needed something bigger.”

Hunt said something told her to check the Habitat for Humanity website. She saw they had an opening in their application process and applied. Two weeks later, Hunt received the news that her family would be getting a new home.

“It’s a blessing,” Hunt said. “This shows that when you work hard and have dedication and faith in God anything is possible. When you set goals and you put a plan into action you find accomplishments and results.”

Habitat for Humanity builds homes with affordable mortgages, but the homeowners help with the building process.

Kathie Alderman, Director of Development & Community Outreach for Habitat for Humanity of Okaloosa County, said Hunt’s willingness to help stood out to her.

“She’s a very hard worker. That was evident before she came to us,” Alderman said. “She really worked. She would pitch in wherever she was needed. She was doing everything.”

Alderman said throughout the process Hunt’s motivation was always evident.

“It’s all about her kids and her family and giving them a home,” Alderman said. “It’s a huge thing for her family.”

Now that Hunt finally has a home of her own, she said she is looking forward to staying in one place and watching her children grow up.

“This means forever, no more moving, no more transporting my kids and having to move them around,” Hunt said. “We get to be comfortable and have stability.”