City Manager Tim Bolduc said the CRA already had a redevelopment plan from 2017, but a new strategic plan will help get things going.

CRESTVIEW — The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) will hold a strategic planning session next week.

The two-day planning will be held in the council chambers at City Hall on July 8-9. Both days of planning begin at 5 p.m.

City staff held a three-day strategic planning session at the end of May, but City Manager Tim Bolduc said a CRA strategic plan is different from an overall city plan.

“The primary difference is we’ll use the goals and objectives from the city plan for what we want to do in the CRA district,” Bolduc said. “We want to capitalize on the parts from the city plan that are most important to the CRA.”

Bolduc said the CRA already had a redevelopment plan from 2017, but a new strategic plan will help get things going.

“It will help us to focus,” Bolduc said. “We will take the projects from the old plan and base them on priority. We want to make sure we are actually accomplishing things and not just planning things.”

Taking a new look at the CRA’s plans will be beneficial to the city, according to Bolduc.

“If you look at the plan, there are more goals than can be accomplished in a lifetime,” Bolduc said. “A strategic plan narrows it down to what we can get done. When we’re finished with the plan, we will have a project list, so next year we can follow the plan and it will give us something to measure against.”

Bolduc said coming up with a good strategic plan involved looking at the CRA district’s needs.

“We will identify specific needs in the district and then we’ll prioritize those needs,” Bolduc said. “We’ll then identify the specific projects we need to work on to make those needs happen. Basically, we’ll take it from a broad concept, walk down to a fine point, come up with an actionable point then we’ll do it.”

Even though the city’s strategic plan and the new CRA plan are different, Bolduc said the two would intertwine.

“We’ll pull each of the policies in the old CRA plan and attach them to the goals in the city plans,” Bolduc said. “If they don’t attach to a goal, they will be considered low priority.”

While the two-day planning session is for the CRA board, Bolduc said the public is welcomed.

“We’re inviting people from the public to come have a conversation about it,” Bolduc said. “We want to hear what they want to say.”