Improve Holt School

For the past couple of years, I have nicely asked two of Mr. Watts' employees to ask him to do something about Holt School. Aesthetically it is nothing but an eyesore as you drive through our little community.

Holt will probably never make the list of America's top 10 places to live but a majority of the residents are proud of our little community. If anyone is considering a move to our area and they look at that eyesore, more than likely they immediately question the lack of community involvement.

Potential residents who come to look at advertised real estate and see a dilapidated structure with overgrowth that reeks negligence probably question why something like that even exists. People can attest to the fact that I have offered to personally get together a group of volunteers to go onto the property and clean it up outside as a neighborhood project, but I have not received permission to do so, probably due to liability.

Just because you don't live here but own property here, that does not give you the right to set the tone of neglect. Visitors and people passing through, or even new residents, do not know that the school was acquired in a land swap by a real estate mogul that is understandably interested in big developments near the interstate and is an owner of property all over several counties. This building is just a storage shed for other projects. To us, this is something us little guys want to have and grasp some of the past by preserving a place that many old Holt-ites have fond memories of. We really do need a community center now -- a place for our residents and families to form lasting relationships, enjoy the small town atmosphere, and have the chance and place to forge friendships that we are totally missing out on.

If that is not to be, for whatever reason, at least give us the right to have Old Holt School look great again.

Lisa Christiansen, Holt