Millennials can appreciate growing up with Pixar films, starting with the original Toy Story in 1995.

With fan excitement about the upcoming “Toy Story 4” (June 24) on the rise, it’s no surprise that Google Trends was able to determine the most popular Pixar movie in each state.

Floridians’ #1 pick is “Toy Story,” and that’s no surprise considering Florida is home to Toy Story Land at Disney World.

“Toy Story” is so deeply ingrained in Floridians’ hearts that when a South Florida boy left his Toy Story doll at the Disney Boardwalk Resort, it was magically shipped back to his home where he lived hours away.

After his family feverishly inquired about if the doll could be rescued and returned, the family received a lucky call informing them that Disney representatives saved the day.  

Disney shipped the lost toy back to its pint-sized owner -- but not without a signature Disney touch. To make the reunion even more special, the little Disney lover found seven pictures of Slinky and his friends having fun at the resort in the mail.

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Now, what says “Disney magic” more than that?

The 2009 film “Up” dominated the list as the favorite movie in 17 states.

2012’s “Brave” was a surprising runner-up, registering as the top pick in eight states.

Several Pixar films failed to show up at all -- “Cars,” “Monsters University” and “Coco” were among them.

Find out which movies every state loves here.