CRESTVIEW — Karmauri Horn was sentenced to 15 years in prison Tuesday for the attempted kidnapping of a Baker woman in 2017.

Okaloosa County Circuit Judge Michael A. Flowers sentenced Horn for attempted home invasion robbery with a weapon and attempted kidnapping with a weapon, according to a press release from the State Attorney's Office.

Horn, who will be on probation for 16 years after he is released from prison, was one of four people from Crestview armed with a knife, guns, a roll of tape, gloves and masks who drove to Baker on Nov. 7, 2017, to kidnap 17-year-old Amber Brackney.

An adult and three teens, including Horn, placed barricades in the road to try to prevent Brackney from driving home, according to the press release.

Brackney was able to avoid the barricades and made it home safely. She called her father from her car to tell him that someone had blocked the road to their house with barrels. Horn and two other suspects went to Brackney's home to rob the family, the press release said.

As they tried to enter the home, Brackney's father heard his dogs barking and saw his motion-activated flood lights come on. He fired three shots from a handgun and Horn and the other suspects ran off. Horn dropped a firearm in the yard as he ran.

A neighbor called the Okaloosa County Sheriffs' Office with a description of the vehicle. The car was spotted on State Road 4 outside Baker and the four suspects were taken into custody, according to the press release. 

Flowers previously had sentenced one of the suspects, Ervin Johnson, to seven years in prison followed by 15 years' probation.

A third suspect, Austin French, entered a plea to being a principal to attempted armed kidnapping with a weapon and principal to attempted home invasion with a firearm or deadly weapon. He is scheduled for sentencing July 9 before Circuit Judge John Jay Gontarek. French faces up to 45 years in prison.