CRESTVIEW — More than 70 kids from age 4 to 13 attended last week's Crestview Bulldog Baseball Camp.

Crestview’s baseball head coach, Tim Gillis engaged and mentored the kids.

The camp started with Gillis instructing the children on what to expect during the camp. Monday’s routine consisted of dynamic stretching followed by the kids pairing up to warm their arms up by tossing the ball to each other. The coach also showed the fundamentals on how a person needs to throw a baseball correctly with different drills.

On Tuesday, Gillis had the kids working on hitting drills by rotating through six hitting stations. Afterward, Gillis had the kids play a short scrimmage.

Wednesday was the final day and started out with dynamic stretching and catching drills. Gillis had the kids go into another short scrimmage. Then, they were in for a surprise when Gillis got a huge green tarp out with a base and a water hose. Each kid was able to slide into the base as water sprayed on them.

After the water slide, Gillis fed the kids pizza.