BAKER — Baker weightlifting had a competitive season.

During the year, the Gators outscored their opponents 214 to 46.

The boys’ weightlifting team also won their second consecutive district championship, marking their third district title in four years. Baker also won the fifth annual Oliver’s Nursery Invitational Meet for the fourth consecutive year and finished fourth at this year’s regional meet.

The following students qualified for regionals:

Carter Glenn, Ray Reiling, Joseph Byrd, Jonathan Cuchens, Jake Miller, Jesse Jordan, John Mateleska, Sam Crowson, Jack Adams, Zane Steele, Joe Brunson, Devin Jordan, Josh Gamble, Garrin Mitchem, Zach Mason, Dustin Oglesby and Gavin Vaccarello

Cuchens placed sixth in the 129 pound class. Miller placed fifth and Jesse Jordan place sixth in the 139 pound class. Mateleska placed third and Crowson placed fourth in the 154 pound class. Adams finished second in the 169 pound class. Brunson placed fifth in the 183 pound class. Zach Mason placed second and Oglesby placed sixth in the 23 pound class.

Baker finished fourth overall at this year’s Regional Meet.

Adams and Mason both qualified for state. Mason placed 10th in the 238 pound class.

On the girls’ side of the mat,the Gators finished second during regionals.

Allison Baggett, Sarah Ann Williams, Alex Butler, Alexia Lucas, Josie Mason, Olivia Hurley, Rhiannon McQueen, Caitlen Ball, Tahkia Simon, Jurnee French, Ruby McLean, RaeDiah Lewis and Kaylie Gasca each competed in regionals.

Baggett placed third at regionals, giving her a bid at state, where she placed eighth in the 101 pound class. Butler placed first at regionals and fourth at state in the 110 pound class. Lucas placed third at regionals and 18th at state in 119 pound class. Hurley placed second at regionals and third at state in the 139 pound class. French placed first at regionals and second at state in the 199 pound class. Lewis placed fourth at regionals and 16th at state in the unlimited class.