CRESTVIEW —The Okaloosa County School Board appointed a new principal to Richbourg School during the recent school board meeting.

Amy Anderson was recommended for the position by Superintendent Marcus Chambers during the meeting. The board unanimously approved Anderson’s appointment.

“I was thrilled, excited and surprised,” Anderson said. “This is my first principal role and it’s a huge responsibility and honor. I was humbled that the district, who are knowledgeable and take good care of ESE, would entrust it to me.”

Anderson has experience with working with ESE students.

“I started out substitute teaching and I was able to sub in different ESE classrooms,” said Anderson. “I also taught students with autism in a self-contained classroom. I have also pursued an autism endorsement through the district.”

Anderson has spent the last four years as the assistant principal of Mary Esther Elementary School, but was happy about the idea of moving to Richbourg.

“I got excited when the possibility of the post would be open,” Anderson said. “I respect and admire the teachers and I wanted to be part of their support team and the success the students have. I think the teachers take amazing care of the students and I want to take care of the teachers.”

Anderson said the atmosphere at Richbourg is one thing she is focused on.

“I would like to continue the family atmosphere that I understand has always been there,” Anderson said. “We need to give the students the best opportunity to be as successful as they can, as quickly as they can. I want to make sure the teachers and students remain the focus of everything we do at Richbourg.”

Anderson said one way to accomplish those goals is with help from the community.

“I’m looking forward to getting out into the community and bringing people in,” Anderson said. “I will look for community involvement to continue moving forward and making this an amazing place for students and families."