PENSACOLA — The Board of Directors of Ever’man Cooperative Grocery and Cafe have earmarked funds for public art pieces in honor of the opening of the second Ever’man store being located at 1000 E. Nine Mile Road, Pensacola.

The board is accepting proposals for two free-standing outdoor public art pieces, one which will be placed at the new Ever'man store, and another at the Garden Street store. They must ensure public safety and be durable in regard to environmental factors.

 The works must be functional, educational, and/or inspirational. They may not exceed 10 feet in any direction (10x10x10 or less). They must also each not exceed a budget of $9,000, including their pedestal, base and installation.

Organizers also encourage artists to use low environmental impact materials and practices to create their work.

This process is open to all artistic disciplines. The works must reflect the Ends Statement of Ever’man as listed below.
Because of Ever’man, the community will have:
•education about health, nutrition, and environmental issues.
•access to healthy, natural foods and products at the lowest possible price.
•support for responsible, local agriculture and small business.
•an example of green business practices.

Eligibility criteria include the following.
• Projects must be artist-led.
•Funds are for one-time project support and cannot support organizations' ongoing programs, operations, capital or endowments.
• Applicants can be at any stage of their careers, but must have a track record of developed work that demonstrates their capacity to complete the proposed project and to manage the level of funds requested.

Submissions will be reviewed by the company's endowment committee, board of directors, staff members, and architects and their staff members.

They will take several factors into account, as well as the project's quality, effective use of materials and financial support, as well as aesthetic and social rigor.

How to apply

The Ever’man Public Art Piece Project will accept online applications only through 5 p.m. Central Aug. 15 at

Artists must submit an original maintenance plan with their proposal; one to two community letters of support, and various other elements via the submission form.

For questions or additional information, please contact