CRESTVIEW — When Police Chief Jamie Grant announced on April 18 that he would be retiring from law enforcement, city manager Tim Bolduc wasted no time making the decision to place current Assistant Chief of Police Lisa Sprague in the role of interim chief.

While Sprague won’t begin her new role until the end of June, when Grant's retirement takes effect, she already has goals laid out for the future. One of the main goals deals with crime statistics.

“I like to be data driven, so I’m looking to pursue more of our crime analysis within the city,” Sprague said. “When I talk about that, that’s looking at crime trends, looking at public safety problems, how we can connect the dots with that in terms of where we need to place our resources, what sort of effective strategies we need to come up with to begin looking at those problems or reducing the crime within the community.

“I’d like to have a crime map that is available, (and) I’d like to utilize our online presence more,” she added.

Sprague said new residents will often ask where the crime areas or hot spots in the city are and this map would help them decide where to live.

Sprague will also look to finish filling three officer positions, pursue an emergency notification system, pursue accreditation, stress service excellence within the department and prepare for the combining of the police and fire departments' dispatches.

Starting as the records custodian, Sprague has been with the department since December 2017, but she has been involved in law enforcement since 1980. She believes this experience will aid her as interim chief.

“I’ve been here at the department, so I know how the department operates. I know the culture and everyone who works here,” Sprague said. “I think my experience from other law enforcement agencies in different states gives me a broader view of how other police departments have attacked problems, so I think that will assist me in looking at what our police department needs to do.”

Sprague said the new role won’t be too different from being assistant chief, but will come with added responsibilities.

“I think I will be the face of the police department as the chief of police, so with that comes some added responsibilities and that will be to keep us moving in the right direction, making sure we have all of these systems in place to be a continued excellent police department.

“In all, I think many of the things that I do now are probably very similar to what the chief of police does,” she added.

Sprague said she has been working very closely with Grant in preparation for the transition.

“He’s been working to turn many things over to me and make sure I’m very familiar with what I need to do,” Sprague said.

When asked if she would be applying for the open position of chief, Sprague emphatically said, “Absolutely!”

“I have such a commitment to public service and I have become so fond of Crestview,” Sprague said. “I really enjoy the residents of Crestview. I call this home.”