CRESTVIEW — Krystal restaurant at 2385 S. Ferdon Blvd. closed its doors earlier this week.

The store had been open for a little more than five years.

“While we're excited about our plans to redevelop 75-100 Krystal restaurants over the next five years, another way to strengthen our overall brand health in our core markets is by closing under-performing or aged restaurants that don’t meet Krystal's asset redevelopment thresholds,” a Krystal spokesperson said in an email. “The Crestview location at 2385 South Ferdon Blvd. is one of those restaurants.

“Employees have the option to relocate to another location so no jobs are lost as a result of this closure,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson also said Krystal has no immediate plans to open additional restaurants in the area.